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Why choose AGP Steel for crane hire?

  • 100ft hiab offload facility which can place your steel where ever you need it.
  • You will save thousands of pounds by using our crane service.
  • It can take up to 6 weeks to get a road closure, you don’t need one with us!
  • If you use our cranes once, we will almost guarantee you will use it on your next job, it makes your life that much easier!

We have listened to our customers who gave us feedback about their experiences of crane lorries. They have told us that the process is difficult, expensive and lumbered with issues – when we informed them of our plans to commission our own fleet of crane lorries the news was highly welcomed.

The loft lifters are top of the range bespoke cranes that we have added to our service to streamline our services, save our customers money and ensure that we can ensure a highly efficient service from initial order through to delivery to site.

One of the greatest advantages of using AGP Steel to supply your fabricated steel is that we have the ability to deliver the steel straight to your site to exactly where you need.

Our highly trained drivers do this kind of work on a daily basis and are therefore highly skilled and able to work very quickly – this saves time, money and hassle!

Further, we are able to undertake several deliveries in one day; this enables us to pass the savings onto our customers.

So before you waste valuable time and money, give the team at AGP Steel a call and see if we can make the process easier for you.