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3D Modelling

Why choose AGP Steel for 3d modelling?

  • Expert in-house team ensures more efficient project management
  • Intuitive and integrated multi-material modeler perfectly suited to layout complex structures
  • We can produce shop drawings
  • Enables you to manage your bill of materials.
  • We can draw a 3D model of your project and then send it to you to add dimensions, simple!

Advances in technology in terms of 3d modelling allows our team of in-house skilled draftsmen and engineers to produce the most accurate real scale structural modelling available for clients – regardless of project size or complexity. This allows those projects to be completed faster, with more clarity and, as such, in a much more efficient manner than was previously available within the steel engineering industry.

The concept of 3d modelling also affords our clients a more advanced and detailed understanding of how their finished project will look – both visually and in technical terms. This helps avoid any ‘concept’ difficulties and possible misunderstandings at a later stage.

Ensuring the drawing and surveying of projects remains in-house also results in a more speedy delivery for clients as well as a less complicated process since there is no independent ‘middle-man’ to deal with during the ‘sign off’ and approval stages of their project. It also gives us, as a company, the reassurance of knowing that quality control remains in-house and the job will be delivered to our own personal high standards.

Urgent projects pose no problems to our team due to the fact our staff are available on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis for surveying purposes. They will also happily respond to queries or provide general advice to engineers or architects when required.

One of the biggest advantages to clients of having a skilled in-house team proficient in 3d modelling and other high-tech innovations is in terms of a lower cost structure where we are able to cost projects at a less expensive rate those involving freelance consultants.

To discuss your requirements, please call us on 020 3162 7777